Stuck for ideas?

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Give Them a Ride!

If you see someone on the side of the road and you’re in a car – give them a ride!

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Reduce, Reduce, Reduce

Downsize your cupboards. We’ve all got something to give away. Just do it.

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Donate Some Blood

Donate some blood a couple of times a year. Then you’ll feel extra special at your party.

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Mental Health, Children’s Rights?

Get some friends together, share a reading or a documentary, and host a discussion, expanding knowledge about the different challenges that people face.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Research volunteer opportunities in your city and join an organised event – on your own or with some friends.

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Hot Water Bottles

During winter buy a couple of hot water bottles and give them away to people who work inhospitable hours, or people who live on the street.

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Share a Meal

Give a person who lives on the street the same meal you had for lunch or dinner.

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24 Hours of Love

Spend 24 hours with your mother or father doing what THEY want to do. (OMG!)

Who we are
Bev Clark

Bev was born in Zimbabwe several years ago. She started out as a video sales person. Then she tried her hand at being a shipping clerk. On her first day behind a typewriter, she pretended to know what to do with carbon paper – never mind the typewriter. After that she worked for Doris Kileff, one of Zimbabwe’s tobacco tycoons. Think of Bev as Anne Hathaway – though slightly shorter – in The Devil Wears Prada. After tobacco there were some travels overseas that included a lot (a lot) of dirty toilets and hungry days. Three months were spent picking apples in Italy and one day picking tomatoes in Australia. Top tip! Reaching up is easier than bending down. Arriving back in Zimbabwe she started her own graphic design company after a crash course in DTP. The bills got paid, but hey, there was always an activist waiting to Break Out and Strike A Blow For Justice. So she co-founded with Brenda. Kubatana’s main aim was to inspire citizen participation, to start conversations and to strengthen communities. Kubatana has developed a membership of thousands of Zimbabweans and won lots of awards. And now … Bev is asking you to join her in creating a kinder world by using your birthday to give back. Direct action feels good – try it!

Amanda Atwood

Amanda was born in the US grew up and between the States and Zimbabwe. After university, she settled in Zimbabwe in 1999. She has broken a few teeth playing rugby (and scored one glorious try). And she’s broken some ribs in an unfortunate encounter with a buffalo. She’s run a couple of marathons and walked a few more and loved many dogs. She’s taken her experience in IT, administration, databases and joined forces with Bev to try and change the world one birthday at a time. She’s excited by the opportunity to encourage, and aggregate, inspiring acts of kindness.